25+ DIY Easy Room Decor Ideas | Beautiful, Simple and Cheap

DIY Easy Room Decor Ideas – If you like seeing new ones every day and want to change everything quickly. You need to get an idea to change the decor of your house easily.

So, if you’re feeling like your same old decor just isn’t doing it for you, it might be time to change things up.

That’s why after facing a similar predicament, we decided to compile an awesome list of easy DIY room decor projects that you can do to help improve the way your room looks and the way you feel. Not only will you find excellent ideas, there are brilliant and colorful ways to upcycle the stuff you currently have.

DIY Easy Room Ideas | Beautiful, Simple and Cheap

From funky headboards to soft faux sheepskin rugs that will make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud, you won’t want to stop after the first diy craft!

1. Colorful Geometric Headboard

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I have yet to see a headboard as creative as this geometric shape one. Not only does it instantly capture your attention, it totally brightens the room. If the rest of your decor is on the simple side, then this project is perfect to add personality to your room.

2. DIY Glass Terrariums

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Ever since coming across terrariums on Pinterest, I can’t seem to stop obsessing over them. This tutorial shows you the exact steps to recreate this glass terrarium that will look awesome displayed on a desk or side table.

3. Adorable Macaroon Pillows

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If you’re a lover of cute and adorable pillows then you have to try making these super easy macaron pillows made from fleece.

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4. Easy Speckled Nesting Bowls

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A simply elegant way of displaying and storing small items such as rings, earrings, necklaces and even makeup with these easy clay bowls speckled with black dots and finished off with a gold edging.

5. DIY Peg Board

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Pegboards are a fun and creative way to organize and keep track off events or to just add a few details to your wall. If you’re an owner of a big room, do try out this fantastic idea!

6. Dyed Faux Sheepskin Mini Rug

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How often do you come home tired from an exhausting day at work or school? Find a bit of relaxation time with a good book and a fluffy rug that will let your feet rest comfortably. I mean why not? It looks damn gorgeous, especially this particular color!

7. Geometric Pinboards

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Here’s another fantastic way to upgrade your desk decor and keep organized at the same time with this colorful geometric pinboard. What makes it great is how easy it is to make. All you need is a notice board, pink or lavender spray paint and masking tape.

8. Ombre Basket

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If you’re looking for a basket that is completely different from the usual boring kind, then this easy ombre is no doubt a winner! All it takes is a little tape and spray paint and you’ve got a basket that looks as good as the ridiculously priced ones.

9. Canopy Reading Nook

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As a fellow lover of reading, you’ll find this pretty canopy a piece of heaven. Relax with a cup of coffee and a good book and travel to another world with this fabulous reading nook.

10. Modern Dreamcatcher

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11. Upcycled Chalkboard Globe

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Ever find yourself going crazy for upcycling projects? Yup, me too. This particular globe looks so gorgeous, especially the travel theme. You can easily upcycle a map globe from a thrift store with this crafty hack!

12. DIY Glitter Switch Plates

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How pretty does this look? I remember, back when I was a teen, I ended up using a double sticky tape (biggest mistake ever) and tried to decorate it with a few beads and whatnot. Sadly, it looked nowhere near as pretty as this. Actually, it just looked terrible. Anyway, you can rest assured that this diy hack won’t end up like my disaster. Easy make your switchplate shine with glitter with this fantastic tutorial!

13. Honeycomb Accent Wall

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This honeycomb project is perfect if you’re looking to go all out. Create a perfect feature wall with this tutorial that takes you through the steps.

14. Modern Paper Ornament

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15. DIY Tissue Paper Covered Pots

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I think we’ve all seen pretty much every way to paint and decorate a pot but have you seen a pot decorated with tissue paper before? Me neither. These tissue paper covered pots are ideal for storing and displaying succulents and one thing is for sure, I’m definitely going to be making a few of these!

16. Flower lights

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These adorable flower lights are perfect for spicing up a string of Christmas tree lights. All you need are a few colored cupcake liners and scissors. Cut the cupcake liners into flower and leaf shapes with a hole in the middle of each, and then tape or glue them to the back of the light.

17. Clothesline picture holders

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You’re not limited to photos! Hang up notes, cards, movie ticket stubs, and other paper memories to create an eclectic yet super easy display for your room!

18. Washi tape pinboard

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If you haven’t discovered washi tape yet, you’ve been missing out. It’s colorful, it comes in a bunch of fun patterns, and it’s easily removable. Use it to decorate your wall, mirrors, windows, or this adorable pin board!

19. Mini corkboards

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Don’t have room for a large corkboard? Buy or cut smaller shapes for a cute yet equally effective pinboard.

20. Cookie tray magnet board

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No need to buy an expensive magnetic board! Grab a fun, colored cookie tray from the local supermarket and stick it on the wall with a few poster stickers. Then, decorate it with colorful paper and a variety of adorable magnets.

21. Chalkboard table

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Spice up a thrifted table with some chalkboard paint. Use it to jot down your creative whims, phone numbers, to-do lists, or doodles!

22. T-shirt doormat

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This one takes a little more time, five to eight T-shirts, and a plain plastic or rubber doormat, but the result is a cozy rug! Cut the shirts up into strips and hot glue the strips into rows on the doormat.

23. Colorful floor cushions

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Cut strips of colorful fabric and sew them onto two large fabric circles, then stitch and fill them to make giant, comfy floor cushions.

24. Pillowcase laundry bag

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Attach an embroidery hoop to a nice pillowcase for a really easy, always-open laundry bag.

25. Brick bookends

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Need bookends? Spray-paint a brick with gold, then decorate it with trims of lace or other fabric for a glamorous, feminine touch.

26. Mason jar supplies holder

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A really easy supplies holder: take a vintage wooden picture frame and hammer nails into the top at equal intervals. Then, dangle mason jars with some twine to hold paintbrushes, scissors, and writing utensils. Can we say hipster?

27. Can organizer

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Add fun scrapbook paper to a few different sized cans for an easy, unique, and functional supplies organizer!

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