Discover The Truth About House Crickets & The Damage They Cause

The cricket is relatively small and not particularly scary-looking. However, that doesn’t mean they are harmless. House crickets arrived in the USA from Europe many years ago. They are present across the country, although large groups of them are centered around the Rocky Mountains.

The good news is that they are not a danger to human health. However, they can cause a significant amount of damage to your home.  If you think you have an issue with them it’s important to click here and get professional help.

House Crickets & The Damage They Cause

Identifying A House Cricket

The house cricket is light brown with a hint of yellow. It is usually between ¾ inch and an inch long and has antennae that can be longer than its body. The wings are generally flat against the body, while males and females look very similar.

Interestingly, male crickets rub their rear legs together to make the distinctive ‘chirping’ noise. This is surprisingly loud and attracts a female mate.

The cricket only lives for a few months and needs warmth to survive, that’s why they are attracted to the heat and moisture in your home.

You should find out more from your local experts regarding detecting them and preventing their entry.

Damage Caused By Crickets

Crickets eat plants, smaller insects, and an array of fabrics! They particularly like anything that has human sweat on it, as well as cotton, wool, and silk.

This is why they can be a serious concern to the homeowner. If they are in your house they won’t bite you. But, they will see your carpets, curtains, clothes, and other soft furnishings, as a tasty meal.

One cricket will do minimal damage, although eating any of your clothes and soft furnishings is annoying. However, where there is one there will usually be more.  Crickets are surprisingly social and comfortable living in the same area. This means if one cricket is attracted to your home, others will be. You’ll need to react quickly to eliminate the issue.

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Dealing With Destructive Crickets

The fastest way to eliminate the issue is to get the professionals in. they’ll use chemicals and other tools to eliminate the crickets for good. It can help to ensure all your food is stored in containers, making it difficult for any pest to access.

You should also check the moisture levels in your home. The more moisture it has the greater the attractiveness to crickets. This is especially true in the colder winter months. If you have excess moisture look for water leaks and fix them. It’s good for your home as well as deterring crickets.

Don’t forget to check around the exterior of your home. You need to ensure any gaps in your walls and around windows and doors are eliminated. This will stop the crickets and other pests from entering your home and causing damage.


Vigilance is the key to keeping crickets and other pests out of your home. It’s worth looking around your property regularly considering the damage these pests can cause.

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