25+ Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas | Beautiful, Cool, & Cheap

Small Kitchen Remodel – Not everybody has the privilege of enjoying a large kitchen, especially when living in the city. In this case, remodeling the kitchen can seem like a rather difficult task, since you have so many requirements and so little space to accommodate them.

But, you should know that remodeling a small kitchen is not so tricky after all. Just take a look at the following ideas in order to find inspiration and turn your kitchen into a pleasant and practical place you can enjoy on an everyday basis.

1. The classical and traditional white kitchen : Small Kitchen Remodel

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Remodeling a small kitchen and painting it in white is the best thing you can do if you want to have the impression of walking into a bigger space. And don’t opt just for white walls, but also white furniture as well.

2. The rustic kitchen with one wall : Small Kitchen Remodel

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You can still enjoy a rustic kitchen even if space is not too generous. You can opt for black cabinets and granite countertops, and drop-in sink, but forget about the island.

3. A White Monte Vista Kitchen : Small Kitchen Remodel

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Can you believe that you can actually have a kitchen without altering the space? Just add white cabinets that are hanged on the walls, warm colored wood flooring, and modern appliances, and your kitchen will look bigger and more generous.

4. The country kitchen remodel : Small Kitchen Remodel

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Yes, it is possible to have a charming country kitchen even inside a minuscule corner of your apartment. Just take advantage of every available space in the kitchen, like the walls and above the fridge, where you can install beautiful shelve supports.

5. The transparent kitchen : Small Kitchen Remodel

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This is a modern solution that is designed to keep the space appearing large by not obstructing the visual field with lines and contours. How can this be possible? Well, opt for transparent, like bar stools, and white items.


6. Kitchen Design Idea – Pull-out spaces : Small Kitchen Remodel

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When it comes to small kitchens, their space must be used in a smart manner and it should be functional as well. So, pull-out chopping boards that come out only when needed, is one solution to save space and keep things hidden when not in use.

7. The minimalist small kitchen : Small Kitchen Remodel

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The whole idea behind this kitchen is to keep things clean and simple. Opt for designs in simple lines and neutral colors, and you will have a functional space that does not look small at all.

8. Small kitchen remodel idea – Effective and chic

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Contrary to what most people think, you can decorate a small kitchen in a beautiful manner. You can use a beautiful rug, small pots with plants, and drop lights with a vintage appearance, and the entire kitchen will look differently.

9. The modern kitchen

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Cabinets with a shiny finish, marble countertops, and modern appliances, they all contribute to the modern look of a kitchen, just right for living in the big city.

10. The brassy kitchen

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If you want to give your kitchen a mid-century air, using brass elements is the way to do it. The cabinets can be painted in copper-green, countertops made out of black granite and golden details here and there, and you will enjoy an outstanding kitchen.

11. The blue kitchen

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In case you want a kitchen that inspires joy and happiness, cabinets painted in a teal color and countertops covered by warm natural wood may be exactly what you need to feel inspired when cooking meals for the people you love.

12. Amazing flooring small kitchen design

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When you don’t have too much room to express your creativity, you can use the floors. Expressive floorings, like hexagonal tiles, work best in narrow kitchens, as they take the attention away from the lack of generosity in the kitchen’s space, and direct it toward the beautiful flooring.



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